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We're back for Spring Term everyone! We hope you're settled into a good rhythm by now. Back in December, we said we'd come back when classes did. Obviously that didn't happen. Our one-month hiatus stretched into two. It wasn't our intention, but we wanted to take some extra time to push ourselves further and expand the Stall Street Journal to be better than ever. Whether we succeeded is up to you. Welcome back, and thank you for reading.

- Western Student Government

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What's happening at Western.


The Consent Event

Enjoy a Build-Your-Own-Fries bar and make friendship bracelets while learning about consent!

(Union Market Stage, 11:30AM)


The Valentine's Day Social

Come down to the Union Market Stage to make Valentine's cards, get some free lunch, and receive supplies to help with safe sex this Valentine's Day.

(Union Market Stage, 11:30AM)



Here's what to do in the area.



Valentine's Snowshoe Hike

Join the La Crosse River Conservancy on a Valentine’s snowshoe hike. There will be a limited number of snowshoes available to borrow at this Linked to the Land event offered by Mississippi Valley Conservancy. Co-host Stoney Creek Hotel will offer a complementary hot chocolate bar and attendees can warm-up in their Lumberjack Saloon after the hike.

Participants are advised to dress in layers, wear a hat, warm boots, and warm gloves or mittens. Walking
sticks are recommended but not required. If there’s not enough snow, we’ll hike without snowshoes.

Advance registration is required by end of day Wednesday, February 9. A limited
number of snowshoes are available on a firs
t-come-first-served reservation basis.

(Stoney Creek Hotel, La Crosse, All ages, Free)


Purple Funk Metropolis w/ The Ellie Trio

Purple Funk Metropolis are a seven-piece jazz and funk band from the Twin Cities. They're comprised of Andrew Tomten (Bandleader and saxophone), Alex Browne (trumpet), Sam Rosenstone (keys), Tarek Abdelqader (drums), and Andy Schupp (bass). Various iterations of bands and musical projects developed until the group, with the addition of Alex Graves (guitar) recorded their first EP in 2017 under the name Purple Funk Metropolis.  In 2019, the band added Evan Slack (guitar) and added a new level of live energy. From sweaty basement parties to the First Avenue stage and anywhere in between, PFM's energy notoriously gets the whole room dancing.

The Ellie Trio improvises playful funk, jazz, and pop music often with crowd participation. Their improvisational nature makes every set unique and a true exercise in musical expression. Cassie Brady (guitar/keys), Andrew Head (bass), and Shaylee Walsh (drums) formed The Ellie Trio to bring audiences closer to the music making process in an entertaining roll of the dice.

(The Root Note, La Crosse, All ages, $8 Adv./$10 Door)

An Update to Student Life

from Ge Vang & Kari Reyburn

There are some changes to the Student Service and Engagement Unit.  Effective immediately the department of Student Life have joined forces with Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement to create one division named Student Life, Equity, and Engagement. 


The division will be led by Kari Reyburn. Her new title is Director of Student Life, Equity, and Engagement. Kari will continue oversight of Western’s DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) initiatives and will now also provide leadership to student life, housing, and athletic programs.


Here are the updated titles and roles of the rest of the staff members within the division. 

  • Equity and Inclusion Leader AJ Clauss continues to support co-workers, leads Western’s Equity Leader group and the Diversity Advocacy Team, builds capacity for our DEI efforts, and coordinates work teams to implement equitable solutions for student success.

  • Manager of Student Leadership and Engagement Ge Vang continues to advise and lead Western’s Student Government, designs and implements other programming to enhance student engagement and student voice, and serves as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

    • Student Life Specialist Tracy Johnson will report to Ge Vang and provide administrative support to the Residence Hall program and to a variety of Student Life functions, like managing the day-to-day operations of the office and doing things like distributing parking permits, student IDs, etc.

  • Community Engagement Coordinator Julie Christensen continues to develop community-based learning experiences and support faculty while building community partnerships and managing our Ugetconnected volunteer software.

  • Residence Hall Community Director Kate Slisz takes on more leadership of Western’s Residence Hall program while supporting the 200 student residents and builds community and belonging.

  • Manager of Student Equity Initiatives Linh Nguyen will provide the overall leadership and coordination of planning and supervision of The Student Place for Action, Culture, and Empowerment (The SPACE). The goal of The SPACE is to create student experiences that develops students’ cultural humility, builds peer connections, and prepares students for future employment that aligns with their dreams and passion.

    • Student Inclusion Specialist Mitch Berry will report to Linh and continue to manage the Cavalier Cupboard, Western’s food pantry, and other basic need programs while providing social and educational programs in The SPACE and overseeing the student employment team.

  • Athletic Director duties of Ryan Monroe (Wellness Center duties still report to Dan Murphy)


Any questions regarding student rights and integrity, including Student Code of Conduct, Title IX, VAWA, other federal and state laws, and general student development concerns, supporting students’ growth and development can be directed towards Kari Reyburn.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more! ●

Western Student Resource Survey

We've partnered with Western's Institutional Research (IR) Department to feature a survey on the student experience. Its purpose is to gain insight on the college entrance process, use of student support services, and overall academic experience. Student participation and feedback in this survey will help us create better support and services for students in the future. Participants will be entered into a drawing for $50 and $100 gift cards.


by Jesus David Gonzalez

People tend to hate change, because change means that you need to prepare to face the upcoming. But being unprepared is perfectly fine. There are always going to be things out of our hands. I am not saying that we shouldn’t be worried at all about our future. But be aware that the only constant thing in life is change. As a 36-year-old man born and raised in Mexico, I have experienced a lot of challenges and changes throughout my life. Seven years ago, I moved to the United States with my family and wife to start a new life, but adjusting to this new country wasn't easy. Even though I am a fluent English speaker, I struggled myself the first months after moving here.


The horizon of my life was constantly changing, and I faced new challenges every day. But my perseverance and of course, my family and friends, who are an important part of my life, gave me the strength and the inspiration to continue walking towards the future. Nevertheless, like I said before life in constant change and some of these changes are hard, I lost my grandmother in 2018 and the next year, Cancer took the life of my father and the pandemic in 2020 brought even more changes and challenges. I lost my job and found myself struggling to make ends meet. The horizon of my life seemed distant and out of reach. The clouds of uncertainty didn’t let me see the horizon at that time.

However, I did not surrender. I viewed this situation as a chance to return to school and acquire new skills that would benefit my future career. In 2019, I enrolled in classes at Western and I am grateful for the people I have met there. Mentioning this is not meant to impress anyone, but Western has become a high point that allows me to see even further into the future and inspires me to aim for new horizons.

I am grateful for the changes and challenges that have come my way. They have made me stronger and more determined. I am confident that I will continue to grow and reach new horizons in my life. My story is a reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, we can always find a way to reach our goals. ●


If there's anything you've wanted to ask the executives of Western Student Government, here's the place to do it. If you have a question you'd like to ask, email it to


I always try to wear properly before going out during Winter season and I love also eating comfort foods during this time of the year. - David, Vice President

When I'm outside, ear protection is most important thing for me. Obviously you need a jacket and gloves and such, but keeping your ears safe from the cold is the number one priority. -Ben, Press Secretary

I cope with the cold by avoiding it as much as possible. I also dress for the weather by wearing a coat, hats, mittens when needed. A nice hot drink on a cold day can make the cold a little easier to handle as well. My heated blanket is an essential in the wintertime! - Tessa, Secretary


My responsibilities as Student Vice President are covering when The Student President is not available to do her duties, I also help the rest of the team when is needed. But as VP I represent Western Technical College  as Governor in Wisconsin Student Government meetings and events. -David, Vice President

Even though I am fairly new to my role and still learning what all the Student Secretary position entails, I have a general idea of my responsibilities. I co-chair the Student Legislative Affairs Committee and take minutes at several Student Government meetings. In addition, I offer any thoughts/ideas to benefit the student body. - Tessa, Secretary

I produce graphics to promote Campus Events that Student Government puts on, as well as running our social media and editing the Stall Street Journal!

- Ben, Press Secretary

will arrive on February 20th, 2023.

The theme of the issue will be "THE MID-WINTER BLUES".

If this theme inspires you to write, draw, sculpt, scratch, or spit,
send what you make to or click the button below to submit it so we can share it here!


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Thank you for reading. It's good to be back.

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I saw a man pursuing the horizon;

Round and round they sped.

I was disturbed at this;   

I accosted the man.

“It is futile,” I said,

“You can never —”


“You lie,” he cried,   

And ran on.

- Stephen Crane

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