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March Twentieth, Twenty-Twenty-Three, Issue #08 Vol. 01

Stall Street Journal

Spring is here! The flowers will be blooming soon! Our mission for you: Go out for a walk and smell the Earth coming back to life. Trust us, it's good for your brain, especially as we head toward finals.

-Western Student Government

Here's what's happening at Western.

Western Campus Events Committee meets every Wednesday at 11:30-12:30 in the Student Government Office. The office is in the Kumm Center next to the Student Life Office.

You are always welcome to attend!


Flower Frenzy!

Celebrate spring by searching the La Crosse campus for flowers hidden throughout a different building each day of this week! Turn them in to the Student Life Office to get a Kwik Trip gift card. Gift cards are limited to one per student, so leave extra flowers you find for your fellow Westerners.

Flowers will be hidden in a different building each day.

Monday, March 20: Coleman Center

Tuesday, March 21: Kumm Center

Wednesday, March 22: Business Education Center

Thursday, March 23: Integrated Technology Center 

Friday, March 24: Student Success Center and Wellness Center


ENGAGE is the main hub of information for students to get involved and connected to events, activities, student organizations, and support services and resources!


To access engage click on:


Use your Western credentials to log-in.  There you can view upcoming events, list of clubs and student organizations, support services and other campus resources.


Flower Frenzy March 20th - 24th

Suits for Success March 22nd

Easter April 9th

Leadership Banquet April 12th


As much as we love serving in Western Student Government, we're only at Western for so long. A few of us are graduating and those positions need to be filled by good people who want to serve their fellow students! Do you think you or someone you know have what it takes to be the next Student Body President, Student Vice-President, Press Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian or Campus Events Coordinator?

Elections for 2023-2024 Student Government Officers will take place the week of March 27 – March 31, 2023.

Get great leadership experience by working with administrators and student leaders to make sure Western student interest are heard. Network, make friends, have fun, lead, serve others, advocate, run meetings, travel, work within a team and get a stipend up to $1,000.

If you have what it takes to be a student leader next year, turn in an application, and start living life in the front row!

The Intent To Run Application deadline is Wed. March 22. To access Election Info and Application, Hold Control Key and Click Intent to Run Application

E-mail application and questions to Advisor Ge Vang at

Intent to Run Application
SG Campagin Poster.png


If there's anything you've wanted to ask the executives of Western Student Government, here's the place to do it. If you have a question you'd like to ask, email it to


"Posh Spice." - Perla, President

"Ginger Spice." David, Vice President

"According to BuzzFeed, I am Scary Spice because I am 'a badass bitch'." - Tessa, Secretary

"Baby Spice." - Ben, Press Secretary


"Taking baths and hanging out with my cat." - Perla

"Cooking my favorite meals and eating them." - David

"I try to dedicate Sundays to practicing self-care by taking a bath, reading, relaxing, and preparing for the upcoming week. I love to journal when I get stressed out. " - Tessa

"Getting outside in any way. Bike rides are the best." - Ben


The SSJ is partnering with our friends over at Institutional Research to conduct a survey on our effectiveness. We want to gauge how we're doing and how to grow going forward, so if you've got a couple minutes, go fill it out!

The first 30 respondents get a $10 Amazon gift card and all respondents will be enterd for a chance to win a $25, $50, or $100 gift card to their choice of Amazon, Festival, or Kwik Trip!

The Survey will go live on 3/28.

will arrive on April 3rd, 2023.

The theme of the issue will be "TO THE STARS".

If this theme inspires you to write, draw, sculpt, scratch, or spit,
send what you make to or click the button below to submit it so we can share it here!


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Hang in there.

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“The earth laughs in flowers.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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