Student Organizations and Clubs

All 'Bout Children (ABC)

Adviser: Tracy Craker

Alliance for Equality

Adviser: Leah Durnin-Hoover


Adviser: Michael Stewart

Biomedical Electronics

Adviser: Lilly Kosir


Advisers: Kari Christenson & LeeAnne Schwan

Criminal Justice

Adviser: Mike Earll


Adviser: Eddie Hale

Coulee Region Architecture

Advisers: Loren Anderson & Pete Zirbel

Coulee Region Creation/Mechanical Design

Alex Bahl & Matthew Sierra


Advisers: Dave Wignes & Ray Slattery

Electromechanical & Automation

Adviser: Randal Hytry


Adviser: Tim Kolonick


Advisor: Dustin Schultz

Fine Arts

Adviser: Lisa Heise and Pam Solberg

Fire Fighters

Adviser: Robert Smith

Foods Club

Advisers: Deb Klug, Margaret Nineman & jean Ahrens

Foundation of Teacher Education

Adviser: Shelley Bauer

Green Energy Efficiency

Adviser: Josh Vandeberg

Graphics Club

Adviser: Ken Hey


Adviser: Susan Summerfield

Human Service

Advisers: Keith Lease & Ann Lichliter

Landscape Horticulture

Adviser: David Lein


Adviser: Terrelle Wilson

Professional Agricultural Students

Adviser: Dona Goede

Phi theta Kappa

Advisers: Linda Duffy

Respiratory Therapy Club

Advisers: Kathy Nelson & Franz Schuttenhelm


Advisers: Mabel Gehrett & Lori Olson

Skills USA Auto

Advisers: Doug Thesing, Brian Kanable, & Phil Solberg

Skills USA Welding

Advisers: Art Karbowski

Student Nursing Association

Adviser: Stacy Rice

Student Occupational Therapy Assoc.

Adviser: Lori Krammer

Study Abroad

Adviser: Linda Duffy

Western Dungeons and Technical Dragons

Adviser: John Heath

The Golf Club

Advisor: Eric Jacobson


Join a Club

Find your niche

This is one of the simplest ways to get involved on campus. There are over 30 + student organizations and clubs that you can choose from. You can start by joining a club, perhaps taking a leadership role as an executive officer or serving as a club representative at General Assembly meetings. For more information about each specific club contact the advisor(s) listed below or the Student Life Office. By joining one of our many clubs, you will be able to find your place on campus and be part of a community.


Resources for Student Orgs and Clubs

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Fundraising Form

For every club, student organization, student or class project that involves fundraising or working with or for the community, specific guidelines need to be followed. This must be filled out prior to the fundraiser.

Volunteer Opportunities

Western uses Ugetconnected to share information about volunteer opportunities in our community. This is a great resource if your club is looking to do some volunteering

Club Account Balances

Clubs looking for their current account balance can find it here.

General Assembly Minutes

What General Assembly worked on the last meeting.

Travel Forms

Here are all the forms for club travel.

Activity grants

Activity grant form. Must be open to all students or be a community service activity that all students can take part in.

Club Sanctioning Forms

Have an idea for a new club? Here is the form to create one!

Check Request

Form for student clubs and organizations to request a check.

Club Deposit Form

This is the form for clubs to deposit funds into their account.

Operation River Watch

Sign up to volunteer for Operation River Watch. This is a great way to help earn money for your club while helping your community.

Student Organization Handbook

A resource book for student organizations / clubs and advisers


Committee Participation

Clubs who have a member sit on a committee are eligible to earn up to $100 in travel funding based on the attendance of the member. To join a committee as a club member, reach out to Ge vang (linked below) with your name, club, contact information, and what committee you would like to join.