17 Tips from Sally Cahalan

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

  1. Make education your top priority (after family). It will set you up for life.

  2. Be observant. That’s the foundation of learning.

  3. Read everything that’s offered or assigned. Really read it – don’t skim.

  4. Get in the habit of looking beyond the obvious. Sometimes the heart of the story is in the details.

  5. Place everything in context. Things which seem similar may actually be profoundly different.

  6. Be prepared to challenge your prior beliefs, and open your mind to new ideas.

  7. Learn to develop interest in things which are not connected to you. The big, wide world is a magnificent place.

  8. Express yourself politely, and people will listen.

  9. Behave like an adult, and you’ll earn respect.

  10. Proofread. Spelling and grammar are important.

  11. Maps matter, too.

  12. Take deadlines seriously. Your future employers will expect that.

  13. Don’t expect everything to be fun. Life’s just not like that.

  14. Save yourself early.

  15. Ask for help if you need it. If help is offered, accept it.

  16. Step up to your ambitions. You may be capable of much more than you think.

  17. If you don’t see beauty around you, create it yourself.


Article by Sally Cahalan, history and political science instructor at Western


This article is part of Western Student Government's Advice for Students. More articles can be view here.

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