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Brent Brigson: Advice from a Counselor

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Thank you for choosing to be a student at Western!!! The faculty and staff are all here to help you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. With that in mind, I’ve been asked to offer some advice for you to consider along the way. Here are my Top Five:

  1. Find out where your resources are located on campus BEFORE you need them . . . try to think of possible barriers to your success that might interfere with your progress. This can take quite a bit of self-reflection and insight – two things I lacked during my initial college years. Learn from my mistake – ask for help!!!

  2. Get to know at least one person in EACH of your courses . . . know something about these individuals beyond simply their name and program of study. Truly listen when that person is speaking with you – don’t focus on what you’re going to ask next – start by letting them talk.

  3. Once you are on campus, STAY on campus. Try to avoid driving off when you have to return later in the day for another class. Everything you need is right here or within just a few blocks.

  4. Your college experience is simply one step on your overall journey – don’t get too far ahead of yourself – focus on what you want to accomplish over the next few (3-5) years instead of planning out the next 20+.

  5. Make sure you get enough SLEEP and try to eat a healthy (protein rich) breakfast every day. If you don’t keep enough fuel in the tank, the car eventually stops moving.


Article by Brent Brigson, counselor at Western


This article is part of Western Student Government's Advice for Students. More articles can be view here.

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