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First Week of Classes


Anne Schulze, Student President of Western Technical.
Anne Schulze, Student President of Western Technical.

Dear Cavaliers, I hope you had a great first week of classes! My name is Anne Schulze and I am your Student Body President for this coming school year. I know this 2020-2021 school year is not what we dreamed nor anticipated, but here we are. Despite this, we are strong! As students we adapt, we learn and we grow. We are only becoming stronger through this difficult period of our lives. The Student Government team and I have been working really hard this summer in preparation for this fall to make sure you have the college experience you deserve. From transitioning most of our student events online or doing it differently, such as the Ice Cream Social this week,  Leadership Night, the many prizes we have in store for Stay at Home Bingo and more! We may be apart this term, however there are many opportunities for you to be engaged and involved! From participating in our various clubs, to participating in our virtual events or sitting in on one of our Western Student Government committees. (Appropriations, Student Legislative Affairs, or Campus Events) You can find on our website at www.westernsg.org/club-information. If you are new to Western or maybe a returning student but uncertain of what Western Student Government is, we are the official voice of Western students on campus and acts as the working liaison between students and Western's administration. We strive to stay connected to our peers to accurately represent their wishes to administration, faculty, and the community. Student Government consists of the Executive Team and the General Assembly body. I hope you all have a great semester and feel free to reach out and connect with me. I love meeting new people! Go Cavaliers! Anne Schulze Western Student Government President studentpresident@westerntc.edu

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