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Join the Student Government Executive Team

Serving on Student Government can be a very rewarding experiencing. It will allow you to see new aspects of campus, make a difference, and grow your leadership skills. 

How: run for office in March or apply for an open position

Open Positions!


At-Large Representative

Becoming an At-Large representative to the General Assembly is a great way to have your voice heard with an easy time-commitment!

To become an At-Large rep. you need to attend three consecutive meetings. Reach out to the Student President Bellow to learn more about general assembly.


When are Elections?

Student Government elections are held in the fourth week in March for all positions except Student Secretary. The Secretary position is elected at the second General Assembly Meeting in the fall.

What is required to run?

In order to get your name on the ballot you must fill out and turn in an Intent to Run Application to the Student Life Office (K-100) or via e-mail by the set date.

Can students run "write-in" campaigns?

Yes, write-in campaigns are allowed.

How to I register to vote?

You do not need to register to vote. All you need is your student id number.

What positions are elected in the fall?

Only the Student Secretary position is elected in the fall starting Fall of 2020.

What positions are elected in the spring?

The following positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and CAmapus Events Coordinator.

How do I vote?

An electronic ballot will be sent you your student email. Computers are also set up in the Student Life Office for students to vote. All you need is your student id number.

Still have questions? Email Ge Vang, the student government adviser, to have them answered!

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