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A Bit About Us

Western Student Government is the official voice of Western students on campus and acts as the working liaison between students and Western's administration. We strive to stay connected to our peers to accurately represent their wishes to administration, faculty, and the community. Student Government consists of the Executive Team and the General Assembly body. 

As a student, you can help make important decisions about campus life by participating in student government.

The Executive Team

Perla Donjuan

Student President

Jesus "David" Gonzales

Student Vice President

Ben Mitchell

Student Press Secretary

Shanna Thul

Student Parliamentarian

Emily Misleveck

Student Treasurer

Sally Fieber

Campus Events Coordinator

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General Assembly

General Assembly is the sole legislative body within student government. Because of this, General Assembly is responsible for passing the annual student government budget, reserve fund requests, appropriate resolutions, and works on issues impacting students. General Assembly is comprised of a representative from every student organization/club and at-large representatives. 

General Assembly meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the Month, 11:30am-12:30pm, through Microsoft Teams.

More information is available on the General Assembly Page.

Committee Info

Western Student Government and the college have several standing committees which students are welcome to be part of! 

Please find current committee dates and times on the "Join a Committee" page.

What Student Government Does


One of the most important functions that Western Student Government provides is advocacy on behalf of students. Student government advocates on student issues within the college and with state legislators.


Student Government is also responsible for creating an annual budget and allocating student activity fees. These fees go to many different departments around campus that serve students such as the Student Health Center, the Wellness Center, intramural, athletics, clubs, the Cavalier Cupboard, sustainability, campus events and student government.

Plan Events

We also try to keep things fun on campus and allow students the opportunity to meet others and make memories. To do this, Student Government, through the campus events committee, plans, hosts, and funds many events throughout the school year.


Per Wisconsin state law, Western Student Government has the right to participate in discussions that affect students like policy and finances. To accomplish this, student government representatives sit on many administrative committees and represent students as a whole.

For all things Student Government Related

This is for contacting Western Student Government in regards to:

  • campus events

  • student initiatives

  • committee meetings

  • club information 

  • other student government-related topics

All other messages should be sent through appropriate channels

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